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We offer one of its kind experience as caterers in Miami, delivering quality catered food suitable for nearly any type of event.
Whether you need caterers in Miami for a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, lunch catering service, business conference or for any other event, we are here to help you with catering service solutions.
Not only can we offer you some brilliant yet discounted catering ideas, but we can also deliver fresh ingredients and fresh South Florida barbecue to any special event you might be hosting.
Here are some of our topnotch catering services to give you some ideas on how to incorporate the best barbecue in Miami for your next event and make it truly remarkable:

Miami BBQ Catering

Miami BBQ Catering: Perhaps our most famous service is our Miami barbecue catering services. These services are perfectly suited for any event whether it’s an outdoor picnic, corporate event, wedding, birthday party, graduation, grand opening or otherwise. We can perform both delivery catering as well as are unique on-site barbecue catering giving you access to the freshest barbecue in town. Our grill- on-site services in Miami offers a delicious catering menu that’s best suited to your taste buds. We can offer you anything a gourmet barbecue restaurant in Miami can provide you with as well as various cuts of superb quality beef, poultry and fish. We can setup throughout South Florida from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys. Our Miami catering company offers the friendliest staff and most experienced chefs in the business. Our bbq services are a simply a “cut above the rest “ from any Miami Caterer. We are extremely well-versed in cooking up favorites as well as adjusting our menu to suit your needs. We use only high quality local ingredients and can also offer Organic BBQ Catering per your request. Whether your looking for our elite onsite Miami Grill Catering services for your next event or would like us to arrange a amazing buffet with our top notch Miami BBQ Catering you can be sure you came to the best catering company in South Florida servicing Miami-Dade, Broward County and surrounding areas.



Please check out our Miami BBQ Catering menu that will have you licking your chops


Latin and Caribbean Inspired Flavors


Miami has a beautiful food culture and many people from around the world who visit choose to take up permanent residence in South Florida. With our unique food culture in Miami we are pleased to offer up selections from all over the globe.This makes Miami Q Catering the perfect option for any kind of Latin inspired event, cultural festival, wedding or social event. Whether its Cuban food catering, paella catering Miami, Argentinian parillada catering or Brazilian BBQ we offer authentic dishes & Latin food catering packages that can be a huge hit at your next Miami catering event. We also specialize in Caribbean cuisine that is sure to give you that Miami Beach Catering flavor that we need in our life. Latin & Caribbean food catering is perfect for any style event we can make you a beautiful buffet or cook on site at your next South Beach Wedding. If you’re looking for Gourmet catering, we are your top Miami caterers and can even set up on the prettiest beaches in South Florida for your next gathering. Please be sure to check out our exclusive Latin food catering event packages consisting of our Brazilian BBQ, Caja China Pig Roast, Cuban food catering or our Argentinian Parillada that is grilled on site and a favorite amongst the locals. If looking to keep things a bit more tropical try our Caribbean food catering packages that will not disappoint including our Hawaiian Luau, Jamaican Cookout, Seafood Paella or our signature Plantain Station that is famous for our Creole Habanero Shrimp. No matter what your flavor is we are your top Miami caterer, our versatility and authentic offerings combined with our Latin & Caribbean Fusion makes us one of best catering companies in Miami for your event. Let us cater your next event in Miami – Dade, Broward County, West Palm Beach or the Florida Keys. We service and specialize in food events in Miami also providing the best Catering in Key West, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami.

Check out our delicious Latin & Islander menu and add some our Miami Spice to your life.


Corporate Events Catering


Organizing a corporate event can be a very daunting task but with our help you won’t have to worry. Our Miami Catering service does not back down from a challenge and we are more than willing to serve parties of all sizes. Whether you have 100 or 1000 guest at your South Florida corporate event, we are happy to offer a versatile range of catering services across Broward and Miami Dade County. Our On-Site catering can come to your location and provide you the freshest BBQ lunch in Miami. Our company can also provide Miami food delivery services delivered directly to your corporate event. We specialize in Corporate Catering for any style event including corporate picnic catering, office luncheon catering, holiday catering, grand opening catering and breakfast catering in Miami.

Our highly trained staff and professional chefs are ready to take your event to the next level. We can setup a lunch buffet at your office for the board of directors or we can do your company picnic and feed the masses. Our unique Miami corporate catering event menu is flexible and affordable. Regardless of your preferences we can establish a menu that suits your needs and cook up a feast that will make sure that everyone is very satisfied that your corporate event. Imagine the delight of any business traveler getting treated to top Miami caterers and south Florida barbecue at your event. This is a sure fire way to leave an impression on clients and your business.

Be sure to check out our corporate event catering menu that makes us the best Miami Catering Company.


Holiday Celebration Catering


You may have the urge to find the best food when celebrating your holidays. What is the perfect place which would define your taste in food? Nothing better than Catering in Miami for you! We have an exclusive range of food which will make you lick your fingers in amazement! Our menu has enough flexibility to suit your requirements. Wake up to ignite your hunger with our breakfast catering Miami. You know how amazing the weather of Miami is. Nothing complements your holidaying in Miami better than delicious food. Our Latin and Caribbean inspired cuisine is going to rock your holiday season! And if you are craving for something purely continental, we give our finest chefs at your service. We do not just cater for lunches and formal dinners; we offer luncheon and buffets as well to ensure your holiday season is entertained with mouth-watering food which is amazing! Cuban catering Miami and Miami BBQ catering is exceptional for the people who live for delicious food. We want you to enjoy your holidays like never before because our food has the ability to transform your cravings into satisfactions. Our trained staff and waiters will entertain you at all times with the proper service. If you are craving for some picnic food in the greenery or near the beach, we will provide you with amazing snacks and beverages to quench your thirst. You can even call us for corporate dinners in case you meet your boss during your vacationing in Miami. We can make you some delicious fast food and even some food for professional dinners. After getting done with professional dinners, you can enjoy Miami party catering where you will be served with drinks to release all the work stress. We are here to provide you a food experience which takes you to another dimension! We will give your eating habits a whole new meaning with our gourmet catering Miami. If you cannot decide about the kind of food you would want to eat, you can select from our variety of cuisines. We offer South Florida catering, Argentinian food Miami and much more. You can also have catering Miami Beach done to enjoy the breeze with delicious food! Your holidays are going to be redefined with our food catering as it unique and seared to perfection. Our Miami caterers will ensure an amazing food experience.

Chef Decorating Pasta Salad With Herbal Leaves

Gourmet Catering


Miami Q Catering can deliver restaurant quality food to your next event or sit down dinner.

We offer many different styles of food and catering options to ensure that you get high-class cuisine at reasonable prices. Our company can easily recreate restaurant dishes as well as produce dishes that can keep up with some of Miami’s elite restaurants. With the help of our caterers we can deliver high quality services that will be on par with the best seafood restaurants in Miami. Our Miami catering company has real chefs on staff capable of delivering private chef catering services. We can also provide select cuts, fully organic meals, recreate dishes and help you create sit down eating areas and outdoor restaurant settings for your event. We also offer healthy catering options, fresh catering services that use only local ingredients. Our seafood is hand selected and brought in fresh to deliver the ultimate gourmet catering experience in Miami. If you need to make an impression and have food cooked fresh on site at your event we should be your go to caterers. Be sure to check out our Executive Chef catering menu that is sure to leave your guest raving.


Wedding Catering


A big part of our catering in Miami Q Catering can help you make your wedding a memorable experience. Our elite catering is an excellent choice. We are extremely well-versed in cooking up favorites as well as adjusting our menu. Not only can we help you create many different options to satisfy all of your guests. We can ensure that the food is as fresh as possible for your wedding day. This means you could get fresh caught seafood served up hot from the grill or barbequed duck which will make your guests go wild! We understand the need to have amazing food at weddings as it is the soul of an event. We also know how you need food which can be eaten quickly and enjoyed hot. Therefore our catering in weddings includes amazing food dishes which are easy to eat and don’t have a lot of gravy. You will be able to resist drippings of food on your dresses on weddings! We offer fish, chicken and meaty dishes which are easy to consume. You can select the cuisine which you want to have served. We provide a variety of cuisines including Argentinian food Miami, South Florida catering, Cuban catering Miami and so much more. With our diverse cuisines to select from, you will be able to find the perfect suited dishes for your big day. We can even customize desserts for your wedding in accordance with your choices. Our Miami caterers will make sure all your desires are considered and catered properly. Whether you like chocolate or fruity, we can make desserts which will melt in your mouth and quench your sweetening thirst. If you want to be a little different on your wedding, you can have Miami grill catering done on your big day. We will offer our greater Miami caterers to make sure your wedding is properly organized. From Miami BBQ catering to healthy catering Miami, we make sure all kinds of families are entertained in accordance to their choice on their weddings. We offer luxurious catering services as well as affordable wedding catering. We want to entertain all kinds of families and if elite catering is something you cannot afford, we are here to provide you with less extravagant but equally delicious catering Miami.

Waiter with meat dish serving catering table with food snacks

Social Catering


Among the best Miami catering companies, we take pride in saying we are in the top list. When it comes to social events like graduations, grand openings, baptisms or engagement parties it’s an excellent idea to have professional Miami caterers on hand to handle every detail. With our special event catering in Miami, Florida we can deliver everything you need for your event. We work with you to create dishes that suit your needs and the events of your party. We can hand design a menu to feed you guest list of any size and provide appetizer passing services. If you are committed to delivering a special food experience we can also adjust our menu to include recipes and more. Our company prides itself on being customer service focused and extremely flexible making us the perfect option for a variety of different social event catering. By flexibility we mean the customization of our menus in accordance with your choices. We aim for your satisfaction on your special events. On graduation parties, we offer snacks and exquisitely produced dishes which are loved by the youth. We will offer an amazing menu comprising of marinated chicken and fish dishes. We also offer punch and other beverages so you get to rest right after your dancing and crazy activities at the party. Apart from graduation parties, we offer food for formal events like baptisms and engagements. Our catering services are available at all times; we offer breakfast catering, healthy catering Miami, local catering, picnic catering Miami and so much more. We have the luxury catering services as well as the affordable catering Miami. We just want to make sure we cater every kind of customer. Our exquisite cuisines give you the opportunity to try out Miami BBQ catering, gourmet catering Miami and even Kosher Miami catering. Why not make your events special with the inclusion of mouth watering food? One thing interesting you will find out about us is how we offer catering job Miami. We would love to help food enthusiasts work with us!

Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking, only hands, he is c

Private Chef Services


One of our most personalized south Florida catering services includes our private chef services. Many of the employees in are staff our trained chefs as a result they can create culinary masterpieces to the likes of which can stack up with any of Miami’s finest restaurants. Our private chef services can help you to plan any type of event menu from BBQ chef catering on site, plated dinners and more. Wow your guests by producing luxurious meals with the help of a professional chef for your event.


Breakfast & Brunch Catering


Breakfast and brunch catering is perfect for social events as well as corporate events. We can make sure your team has the energy that they need to get through even the most difficult day. Our breakfast and brunch catering utilizes fresh ingredients and we can include any type of menu item that you might want. From fresh Seafood to made-to-order action stations and much more our breakfast and brunch catering in Miami can deliver one-of-a-kind experience. This can be a great way to motivate your team and is the perfect South Florida catering option for corporate events, sporting events, promotional events, baby showers and baptisms. A breakfast and brunch catering service from our Broward and Miami catering will ensure that you can create signature food creations that will help you serve any size gathering. Ask us about our plate services, on site breakfast as well as the ability to set up on site chef-manned omelet stations and custom breakfasts that will suit each guest! Check out our Breakfast & Brunch Catering Menu that is sure to make your staff vibrant with energy.


Delivery Catering


We specialize in a service in Miami that prepares food off site and with the freshest possible ingredients. Delivery catering is one of the best ways that you can prepare for corporate and luncheon events and ensure that your food will arrive on time and fresh. If you need catering in miami for a work luncheon, for production staff or simply want a gourmet buffet prepared and brought for your event, delivery catering is the best way to satisfy your taste buds and to feed a large group easily.

Our delivery catering services can prepare a wider range of menu options and provide the staff to serve on site so that your event can go smoothly.This option is perfect for groups of all sizes and with a signature buffet service you can make sure there is something for everyone.

Our food delivery catering services include deliveries to Broward and Miami and the surrounding area. Our Miami Event catering staff prepares meals ahead of time in our state of the art facility and then delivers the food hot and fresh to your event. If you need Broward Corporate Catering or Miami Corporate catering this can be an easy solution or food delivery!

Contact us today for the ultimate catering services in Miami Dade and Broward County.